Who we are

GeoMassive is a hyper-specialized music publisher with universally massive ideas.  Offering thoughtful collaborations, future forward thinking partnerships and connectivity of artists, songwriters, music producers with major brands as well as other talented and like minded beings.

Massively more than just another publishing company, we are the geographical connector of dots. Offering our artists “smart contracts” so they can own, sell, collect and earn royalties within the blockchain space.

GeoMassive loves music, developing relationships, and growing careers in a massive way.

What we do

While publishing may be the cornerstone of GeoMassive it is just the tip of the massive things we do.  Our team has decades of experience in the industry.  We collectively and mindfully pitch and place songs at the highest levels while our royalty collection process is on par with the biggest names in the music publishing realm.  Global royalty collection, sync licensing, song plugging, marketing and branding partnerships are all carefully curated for our artists by the GeoMassive team. Our A & R team not only listen to the music but give clear and concise feedback to our writers not only for development purposes but for full transparency.   

At GeoMassive we fully understand that songwriters do not simply want us to hear their songs, they want us to feel them as well.  To listen with fair and balanced ears and the entirety of our hearts.  This is what GeoMassive is at it’s core: A company where we fully hear the artist.

Massive facts

⊗ We work with the top agencies for licensing music in TV, Film, advertisement, video games, and social content.

⊗ We get big placements and ads with brands like Champion, Tik-Tok, Paramount, Drivetime, and the NBA.

⊗ We collect at source. Our admin team is fire.

⊗ We have creative administrative partners around the world.

⊗ We don’t believe in antiquated deals. We can offer the most favorable terms of any publisher.

⊗ We’re not over saturated. Artists will receive all of the biggest opportunities for sync and song placement.